Sardinia shafted

If you’d like to enjoy what’s left of the natural beauty of Sardinia (see right) before the entire island is converted into a ‘fitness centre’ you’d better get a move on. That’s right. Berlusconi’s glove puppet just became governor. New boy Cappellacci is to Berlusconi as Medvedev is to Putin, so don’t expect surprises. In fact, their relationship – in both cases – reminds me of a rather offensive joke about a bad ventriloquist who used to put his hand up his nephew’s arse and tell him to keep his mouth shut. Except that Putin and Berlusconi are clearly considered rather good ventriloquists.

A few days before Eluana Englaro died, some gobby cardinal criticised polls indicating a substantial majority in favour of her death by saying that Italians weren’t that stupid. He was wrong then, but he’s been proved right now. 

(OK, the second picture’s actually Dubai, but you get the idea…)
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3 Responses to Sardinia shafted

  1. Yes it is a sad reflection on “absolute (media) power” however luckily sardinia’s still got a lot of natural beauty beyond Porto Rotondo: take a look here: Sardinia GuidePeter

  2. “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot….” This can only fall into the “cutting off your nose to spite your face” category — and I refer mainly to the 18000 people who were so disaffected by the PD that they went to the bother of going to the polls to cast null ballots. Good for you. Let’s hope that empty gesture keeps you warm at night when every beach is fenced-off and members only, and all of Sardegna is a Club Med. My god, look at the ruin that developers have made and are continuing to make of Hawai’i if you need a case in point. How idiotic can people be (rhetorical question; I already know the answer).

  3. I hope you’re right, Peter, but Berlusconi and his gang can do an awful lot of damage in the next few years, and I’m sure they will.Absolutely, Wendell. All those null ballots are a bit suspicious, though, aren’t they? I may have been here too long (hell, I have been here too long!), but I often wonder why, whenever the left win an election, because it does happen occasionally, the right immediately talk of brogli and demand a recount, while, when the right win, the left just sit back and keep their collective mouth shut. Is it because they don’t want to look like poor losers? Some residual notion of dignity? As though dignity had any weight in (Italian) politics, where too many voters seem to have the memory of a fruit-fly. Personally, I would ask for a recount. And then I’d want to know exactly how people voted for Povia last night, because I don’t trust the RAI either.

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