The Scent of Cinnamon

The Scent of Cinnamon and Other Stories was published by Salt Publishing in October 2008. Apart from the title story, which first appeared in One Story and was one of the The O. Henry Prize Stories 2007, the collection contains stories that have appeared in the British Council/Granta New Writing 15, Sea Stories, published by the National Maritime Museum, Cadenza, the British Fantasy award-winning anthology The Elastic Book of Numbers (Elastic Press), and such highly regarded webzines as The Richmond Review and FRiGG. I am currently working on a collection of love stories entitled Sheet Music.

What people have said:

These are accomplished stories of great subtlety and restraint. I absolutely love ‘The Scent of Cinnamon’. Made all the hairs on my arms stand up. A classic. So confidently and beautifully written … Charles Lambert is a very interesting writer who could one day attain classic status. Maggie Gee

Charles Lambert writes as if his life depends on it. He takes risks at every turn. As an editor, this is exciting to see, and as a fellow writer, it is inspiring – particularly when the results are so marvellous. In ‘The Scent of Cinnamon’, Charles Lambert pulls out the deepest-held emotions of his characters – love and desire and loneliness and hope – until they ripple across the page, and the reader feels them too. Hannah Tinti

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