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Indecent? No, too much salt…

This is the Heinz ad you won’t be seeing on television, because 200 people complained, so you may as well see it here. (This is four times the number of people who complained about Joan Rivers calling Russell Crowe a … Continue reading

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The line of beauty

I have The Age of Uncertainty to thank for pointing me to this fabulous clip. I wonder how many artists (in Dalì’s case, I use the word advisedly) would be recognised on the equivalent of What’s My Line? today. Damien … Continue reading

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Summer reading

If you’d like to know my views on holiday reading – and let’s face it, who wouldn’t? – you can find them on the Picador blog by clicking here. (I thought it might be nice to illustrate this post with … Continue reading

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Something apt from Dover Beach

Ian McEwan has just come out against Islamism*, as he calls it. I’m not sure what distinguishes Islamism from Islam, other than the generally derogatory aura created by the suffix ‘ism’, but that’s by-the-by. He’s quoted as saying: “I myself … Continue reading

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Little Monsters review

Well, who’d have thought it? Just when I thought time was out on Little Monsters’ chances of being reviewed again, Time Out does a piece on the novel. You can read it here. (Enjoy the play on words? I thought … Continue reading

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What’s Giacomo for?

Three recent moments. One. I was reading an article a week or so ago about Cy Twombly’s working methods during the 1960s in Rome. Apparently he’d pin rolls of canvas to the walls of his studio and work on them … Continue reading

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Coming soon to a screen near you

Salt has already put up a website for The Scent of Cinnamon and Other Stories, which contains not only a lot of valuable information about the book and an excerpt from the title story, as well as some reviews, but … Continue reading

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No country for young men

If you read Italian and want to know more about the place, or just have an eye for a lively site with some great graphics, try this blog. It’s called Bamboccioni alla riscossa, roughly translatable as Mummies’ boys fight back … Continue reading

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Raw vegans get rickets. Dog bites man.

As I continue to enjoy – and lose weight on – my protein-based diet, may I gloat, just a little, at this news? Thank you.

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From A to B, via C, is just so gay

According to some new research, although I feel I’ve read it all before, gay men and straight women can’t navigate, while lesbian and straight men can. This is due to the relative proportions of the left and right hemispheres of … Continue reading

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