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Italietta mia

Trawling the English press for news of home I’m rewarded by two choice glimpses into contemporary Italian sexual mores. The first is news of the arrest of two men for having kissed (termed by the carabinieri an ‘oral relationship’) outside … Continue reading

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First stop: Ireland

Dublin airport comes as a shock: in a world that’s gone haywire with security measures while fast-tracking anything in a burka—male or female, in YSL knickers or gelignite corsets—an entirely pleasant one. We’re bussed to what would normally be the … Continue reading

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Not waving, but drowning using Tyla’s connection…

I’m trapped in a broadband challenged hell. It’s so easy to invoke Kafka when a couple of things go wrong, so I won’t (Oh, I have…) but I’ve spent the past two weeks battling with phone problems: no landline, no … Continue reading

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Caring a fig

I wonder why we use the expression ‘I don’t care a fig’ to express a lack of interest in something. The fig is one of the most extraordinary fruits around. It’s nutritious, beautiful to look at whether green and plump … Continue reading

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Taking the good with the bad

I’ve had a particularly trying few days, most of the problems being related to technology and its failings: no land line, no broadband, a mysterious corrupt file message as two days’ work is erased before my eyes and proves irretrievable. … Continue reading

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Fat cat

I was looking down into the garden this afternoon when one of our three cats decided to relax. His name’s Rocco, otherwise known as Tubs, Porco, Samsonite and the GFGO (the Great Fat Grey One). You can admire him here. … Continue reading

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I’ll have mine without the polonium 210, please

I’ve been looking to see where visitors to this blog actually come from and how they get here, in that obsessive way most bloggers seem to share, and I notice that a disturbing number find me through a Google image … Continue reading

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Jim Bailey does Madonna, Tallulah and Marilyn

While I’m in diva mode…

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Judy Garland: Ol’ Man River

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One for Salman

I was directed to this by its maker, who comments on Guardian blogs as IMHOTEP. Apparently, it was criticised by Campaign magazine, which isn’t surprising, and by The Observer, which, frankly, is.

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