The Slave House

My novella, The Slave House, was published as a Kindle Single in April 2013. You can read more about it, and its relationship with my own experiences, here. An episode, entitled Rum, nuclear warheads and stiletto heels, which wasn’t included in the final version of the novella, can be found here.

Scott Pack called the novella ‘slightly disturbing’ and had this to say: “This is a deliberately uncomfortable fish-out-of-water tale which may have been a bit too dark as a full-length novel but which the author pitches just right at this length.” You can read the rest of his review here.

His Futile Preoccupations summed the novella up like this:

One of the dangerous things about people who are tourists in their own lives is that they have no idea about their impact upon others or the footprints they leave behind. Perhaps this can be chalked up to youth or perhaps this is Simon’s approach to life. Anyway, a great little novella for remarkably little on both AmazonUK and Amazon US. Author Charles Lambert illustrates how experience is not equal to engagement, and intensity and involvement do not equal maturity or integrity.

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