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Jonathan Williams

I first met Jonathan Williams when he came to Cambridge to read for Blue Room, a poetry society founded by John Wilkinson and run by John, his old school-friend Charlie Bulbeck and the more recently co-opted me. I had the … Continue reading

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Go, little monster

Well, it’s launched. In Rome, at least. My dear friend, Paola, lent me her studio, Dermot from the Almost Corner Bookshop arrived with two large boxes of copies, the fridge was filled with wine, the pizza bianca was hot from … Continue reading

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Rome launch. Today.

Charles Lambert and the Almost Corner Bookshopwould be delighted if you couldattend the launch of Little Monsters in Vicolo dell’Atleta 5,Trastevere, Romeon Friday, 28 March 2008,6.30 – 8.30 pm

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A democratic hiccup

People being stripped and lined up for hours on end, on their knees or standing, their hands and heads against the wall. People insulted, derided, beaten with truncheons, bathed in their own urine and blood, forced to sing fascist hymns … Continue reading

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Polls, polls, polls

If you’d like what looks to me to be an extremely well-informed and regular update on the run-up to the Italian elections, and don’t read Italian, and are tired of the desultory way I address the subject, you could do … Continue reading

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Jippy x 2

I was reminded of Victoria Wood and Julie Walters by Whitless (see post below), who was actually talking about French and Saunders. They’re good too, or can be, but these two videos from the Victoria Wood show are simply marvellous. … Continue reading

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Ever wondered what the baby would look like if you had one with your partner? Your gay partner? Or, indeed, any one else’s partner? Well, apparently there’s a machine that can tell you. It’s called The Gene Machine and it … Continue reading

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More about me

If you go to East of the Web, you’ll not only have a chance to read some wonderful stories by such fine writers as Kay Sexton, David Gaffney, Charlie Fish, Tim MacLean and, er, me. You’ll also be able to … Continue reading

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REM Shock Announcement

I just saw this on Joe My God. Nice one, Michael.

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Gay Bulgaria David Giltinan, on Goodreads, has reviewed a book called Bizarre Books: A Compendium of Classic Oddities. It sounds fabulous. Here are some of the titles, with excerpts and/or comments, that David particularly enjoyed: How to Draw a Straight Line, … Continue reading

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