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I found this on Facebook. It comes from today’s edition of The Sun. I’m assuming that anyone who follows this blog probably won’t have seen the original. It’s not subtle, but why waste subtlety on Silvio Berlusconi? It serves its … Continue reading

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Shorter and sweeter’n’sourer

According to popbitch (I know, I know), Michael Jackson referred to semen as ‘duck butter’.

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Short and sweet

A nice piece about rewriting the classics on Twitter by Michelle Pauli here. Made even nicer by her quoting John Crace’s Digested Read of the New Testament. Here it is: “Angel gets Mary up duff. Jesus chills for 30 years, … Continue reading

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Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I met up with a reading group, the Roosters Book Club, based in Rome. The intention was that I should talk about Little Monsters, which the group had all, with great generosity, … Continue reading

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Organic crackers

Faced with the prospect of Berlusconi becoming president of all he purveys, I suppose I ought to be feeling more generous towards the idea of a non-elected royal family. They aren’t all bad, after all, unless useless is necessarily a … Continue reading

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You may be wondering why I haven’t posted photographs of Saturday’s Pride in Rome. Well, it’s simple. I was visiting my mother in England and had muddled up the dates. (How gay is that?) But I have it on good … Continue reading

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RIP Harold Norse

I’M NOT A MAN I’m not a man, I can’t earn a living, buy new things for my family. I have acne and a small peter. I’m not a man. I don’t like football, boxing and cars. I like to … Continue reading

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Dressing up

A new ‘security’ law, which only looks like a knee-jerk reaction, is about to be passed here in Italy. Like most laws of this type, it protects – or is intended to appear to protect – the law-abiding citizen from … Continue reading

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A footnote to my last post. Googling for images of house sparrows I found myself with an infinite selection of Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow but surprisingly few pictures of the actual bird (in the first three pages, 3 birds to … Continue reading

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The fall of the sparrow

I was in my local post office here in Fondi a few days ago, waiting to pay an overdue bill. In the past this would have meant trying to guess which queue contained the fewest problem cases, ususally pensioners or … Continue reading

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