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In Italian the word ape means ‘bee’, but it’s also the name of the type of vehicle in the photograph above. It’s a 50cc moped engine with the body of a small van or, in this case, truck, grafted on … Continue reading

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Eartha Kitt, with James Dean

One year on…

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The shopkeeper is always right, well, sometimes

I was in my local profumeria last Sunday. This particular profumeria is the size of a large provincial bookshop (in a town that doesn’t have a bookshop), its walls and shelving units lined with exquisitely packaged small bottles containing liquids … Continue reading

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Satin and tat

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News from the very dark cave

The region of Emilia-Romagna has recently established that couples, including those with children, (in lay speak, ‘families’) are entitled to welfare provisions whether they’re married or not. This has attracted the anathema of the local befrocked wingnut cardinal, a certain … Continue reading

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No-B Day (two weeks late)

Not hot news, I’m afraid. I wrote the following piece the day after the No-Berlusconi Day march in Rome almost two weeks ago, then put it to one side to settle. Well, it has, and there’s nothing I want to … Continue reading

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Man meets small spiky object. Object wins.

Berlusconi’s bloodied nose is already an exquisitely political space, populated on the one hand by those who see the Capo’s body as sanctified ground and therefore untouchable (i.e. his supporters) and on the other hand by those who see his … Continue reading

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