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Snip snap snip

For someone whose media empire is based on vulgarity, indiscretion and an obsession with what famous people get up to in their spare time, assuming that’s still a meaningful concept, Silvio Berlusconi’s attempt to block the publication of photographs taken … Continue reading

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Teddy Thompson sings Ain’t No Sunshine

One of my favourite songs done by one of my favourite singers.

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Don’t blink or you’ll miss it, but The Scent of Cinnamon has made the Amazon top 100 short story list. OK, I’m 93rd, but I’m in very good company, rubbing shoulders with Somerset Maugham, Alice Munro, Henry James et al. … Continue reading

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Some are more equal

Remember the ministries in 1984? The Ministry of Peace, responsible for war; the Ministry of Love, responsible for torture? Most governments are more subtle about this sort of thing, but Italy, a country that enjoys subtlety in so many guises, … Continue reading

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Holiday advice

Just in case you were wondering where to go this summer…

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Family holidays

According to the ex-boyfriend of Noemi Letizia, the 18-year-old knicker model and would-be member of parliament who refers to Silvio Berlusconi as her ‘papi‘, Noemi was invited to one of SB’s villas in Sardinia last summer, along with 30 or … Continue reading

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Why Italy is boring

I admit it. I’ve been putting this off. Partly because I’m no authority on Italy and don’t want to pass myself off as one. I just live here, along with 60 million other people, many of whom have greater claim … Continue reading

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