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No Red Stripe no cry

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A crate for fruit

Update: If anyone thinks this is a gratuitous slur on the Pontifex and his sexual preferences and doesn’t speak Italian, the slur is actually worse than they may have thought. The name of the wholesale fruit and veg dealers on … Continue reading

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The Specials: Ghost Town

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Even though you are who you are

An extraordinary tale from Mark Doty’s blog.

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The world

I got this from Joe.My.God, who got it from See My Briefs, who got it from their friend Kevin. Thank you, Kevin.  (You need to click on it to see the whole thing. Dont ask me why, ask Blogger. I … Continue reading

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Naples, 21-22 March 2009

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If you’re wondering a) what the odd little widget to the right, the one with the numbers and the blue bar, is all about, and b) why my contributions to this blog are so erratic these days, well, there’s one answer to … Continue reading

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Strano is as Strano does

The name of the caterwauling, gesticulating oaf with the slice of mortadella hanging from his lips is Nino Strano, the place – alas! – is the Italian senate. Nino Strano is insulting Romano Prodi and his supporters in the way … Continue reading

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I’d just like to point you towards an excellent review for Little Monsters from The Fiction Desk. This may be the first time that my moustache has been called out in a review, and it’s certainly the first time the … Continue reading

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