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I’ve just discovered that Philip K. Dick once shared a house with Jack Spicer and Robert Duncan. The same source, an LRB article by Stephen Burt about Dick (3 July 2008), tells me that the SF author believed that radios … Continue reading

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Up Malcolm

Peter Bradshaw’s blog from Venice today, in which he talks of the Tinto Brass-Guccione version of Caligula – a truly awful film – prompted me to go and find some stills from it. I’m not sure if this is actually … Continue reading

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One large bus for Boris

Another great design from Threadless T-Shirts. Click on the image for more information.

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One small dive for man

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Sexual union with Tiger

The Indian artist Maqbool Fida Husain has not been invited to India’s first art fair on the grounds that his work depicts a series of Hindu deities without their clothes on. The lady in the work above is the goddess … Continue reading

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I’ve just heard from a friend who’s been made temporarily homeless for absurd legal reasons in England. Which makes Jesus’ General’s typically acerbic take on the McCain housing problem all the more pertinent, albeit obliquely. You can read it here.

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Dog days

My sister went to Whitstable yesterday and found this wonderful creature considering the view. She shared him with me and I’m sharing him with you. What a wonderful world. PS I realise how inappropriate the title to this blog is, … Continue reading

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A few months ago, in an effort to make better use of all the labels that accumulate on this blog, I began to combine some of the ones that had only been mentioned once in – I hoped – mnemonic … Continue reading

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The whole business

It takes a brave man, or woman, to imagine a world that is, and isn’t, the world we live in, that will tell us convincing tales about what we should and shouldn’t do, about how we should and shouldn’t live, … Continue reading

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Red alert

The custody of a sixteen year old boy in Catania, Sicily, has been transferred – against the boy’s will – from his mother to his father. This is unusual in Italy, where mothers tend to be favoured over fathers, and … Continue reading

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