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Summer with the Dead

Another insane Amazon recommendation! Greetings from, As someone who has purchased or rated Dubliners by James Joyce, you might like to know that Summer with Horses (White Cloud Station) is now available. You can order yours for just ¬£4.99 … Continue reading

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A sneak preview of my new novel ANY HUMAN FACE, out next April, courtesy of Wordle.

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A short but enthusiastic review of Little Monsters has just popped up on Book Addicts Anonymous. You can read it, should you so wish, here.

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Spam alert

Sorry, but I’ve had to put moderation back on the comments after a new wave of ideograms from someone called sexy. Oh dear.

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I’ve been thinking about celebrity these past few days. Not the kind that ‘iconises’ and manipulates and destroys, Michael Jackson style; something much smaller, even laughably so, and closer to home. You may have noticed a few posts down that … Continue reading

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He-man’s colors and he-man’s patterns

My thanks, once again, to Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy for this vintage underwear ad.

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Chillingly close

Want to read a highly skilled hatchet job of the first paragraph of the Da Vinci Code? Of course you do. Not because you’re jealous of the book’s success and the enormous earnings of Dan Brown, of course. Or the … Continue reading

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Cracking collection

I just want to direct your attention to a great new reader’s review of The Scent of Cinnamon on Amazon UK. It’s by Brummie Reader, and it’s a beauty! Now it’s your turn. Pester, pester, pester.

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Drinking through nose

If you think human rights are an optional, you should sign up to New York University Law School and the courses of its new Professor of Human Rights, Dr. Li-ann Thio, scheduled for this autumn. Want to know why? Click … Continue reading

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