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Button up

The France Soir correspondent in Rome, Ariel Dumont, has just been sacked for being anti-Berlusconian. This isn’t what the paper says, of course. The editor talks about the need to rationalise its overseas representation for reasons of budget and denies … Continue reading

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Sardinia shafted

If you’d like to enjoy what’s left of the natural beauty of Sardinia (see right) before the entire island is converted into a ‘fitness centre’ you’d better get a move on. That’s right. Berlusconi’s glove puppet just became governor. New … Continue reading

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Democracy derailed

George Bush says that democratic reform in Rusia has been derailed. You can understand why he’s worried. Rigged elections and the illegal disenfrachisement of voters. Prisoners held for years in subhuman conditions without trial. The economy held hostage by a … Continue reading

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And we are here as on a darkling plain…

The situation for gays in Eastern Europe is getting worse, and we’re nowhere near the end of it, as can be seen from this article, which describes the growing homophobia in Latvia, Poland and Russia.( See my posts below, Protecting … Continue reading

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