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The medium is the message

If this is true, my blog is sending out a message I’m not quite sure I want. I’ve noticed (don’t ask) that this rather stylish pastels on black effect is much favoured by gay porn blogs. You know the sort … Continue reading

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Work avoidance strategy No.1

As if Dan Quayle and Arnold Schwarzenegger weren’t bad enough, the next two look-alikes on the list were Tony Blair and Dick Cheney (thankfully excluded by the program from my fetching collage). This is worse than discovering you share 80% … Continue reading

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A hand for the lady

Kate Phillips, charity director, is suing Tate Modern because she claims to have ‘broken’ her hand while hurtling down one of Carsten Holler’s tubes, presumably of her own volition. (Details here.) What on earth did she think she was doing? … Continue reading

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The tyranny of conscience

Umberto Galimberti has an interesting piece in today’s Repubblica, which unfortunately doesn’t seem to appear on the paper’s website. He talks about the way people claim to be unable to do certain things or behave in a certain way because … Continue reading

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Unsynthesised manifold

And while we’re reading Greer, just a reminder of the time she was knuckle-rapped by some Plain English people about her use of the term unsynthesised manifold and responded splendidly. I admit that I didn’t know the term myself, which … Continue reading

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Shit. Piss. Sperm. Gilbert. George.

Germaine Greer has a fascinating take on Gilbert and George in today’s Guardian. The article is, I think rightly, less than warm about the work, which she seems to find as pompous, vacuous and posturing as I do. She has … Continue reading

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New Red Brigades arrests shake Italy

Seriously, does anyone know where this comes from (other than Perez Hilton’s blog – spot the tell-tale trail…)?

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I’ve just read a very interesting post in the Tart of Fiction blog, about the difficulties of being published. I left this comment: I sent my first novel cold to publishers around 15 years ago. (It never even occurred to … Continue reading

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John Cale: the definitive Hallelujah

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No success like failure

I was surprised recently when the name of a friend of mine came up in a conversation I was having with someone who works in the media, younger than me, finger on the zeitgeist: let’s call him J. I met … Continue reading

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