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The Beat: Mirror in the Bathroom

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My rat friend, Sheila

I’ll say it again. If you don’t read Jesus’ General religiously, you’re missing out. His latest piece on McCain is, well, awesome. Read it here. And here’s a teaser: A few years back, I saw a Matlock episode where the origin of … Continue reading

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Lest we forget

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Phone rage

I got a phone bill over the weekend. My phone bills are paid through a credit card so I normally just glance at the amount and file (i.e. throw onto the table in my study in the hope that all … Continue reading

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The Dark Ages (cont.)

Remember people saying that the position of women in Afghanistan would be immeasurably improved by invasion? Wasn’t that one of the reasons we ‘went in’? Well, read this from today’s Independent, about the murder of Malalai Kakar. Here’s an extract: Commander … Continue reading

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This comes from the Facebook group End Christian Homophobia. If you’re on Facebook and would like to join the group click here.

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The Dark Ages

The home of Martin Rynja, the director of Gibson Square, which plans to publish The Jewel of the Medina, was attacked by Islamist arsonists yesterday. You can read about it here. Announcing the publication of The Jewel of the Medina … Continue reading

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Art craters

Good news from the sales rooms.

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Erotic verse

A little bit late, but I wonder if anyone else reading the Guardian’s guide to writing poetry last week noticed the wonderful misprint on page 19. It comes in the trickle of text to the left of the main body … Continue reading

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Gagging order

If you’d like to know more about the absurd case of satirist Sabina Guzzanti being prosecuted for “contempt of the pope” and, more generally, the state of freedom of speech in an increasingly myopic Italy, there’s a very useful article … Continue reading

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