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HG Wells, The Door in the Wall, and MR James, Canon Alberic’s Scrap-Book

These days, I tend to organise books alphabetically and by genre, which probably makes me sound more anal than I really am (most other things I just throw on the floor). But when I was a youngish teenager, I loved … Continue reading

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Next time, it’s thumbscrews…

Writer, blogger, jogger, cook and author of soon-to-be-published Minding My Peas and Cucumbers, Kay Sexton has done me the great honour of reviewing Any Human Face (still available at all good booksellers, although you may have to insist) and of asking … Continue reading

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Niall Griffiths, The Dreams of Max and Ronnie, and Gwyneth Lewis, The Meat Tree

Some years ago, Canongate began to publish a series of re-workings of the world’s great myths. It was a good idea, and it’s produced some interesting and surprising works, among them Dream Angus by Alexander McCall Smith, a startlingly resonant … Continue reading

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