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There’s an interview with Ishiguro in today’s Guardian, during which the interviewer, Decca Aitkenhead, says: “I wonder if some of his (Ishiguro’s) semantic unease stems from a worry about the popular perception of short stories as not quite “proper” literature.” … Continue reading

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Well, my plea (see two posts down) has had some effect. Little Monsters is now ranked at 42022 at the Book Depository. Whoever you are, thank you! 

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The Moose Show

A very quick post to recommend a book that deserves more than a cursory nod, and I hope to find time in the next few days to nod in more complete fashion. It’s The Moose Show by Matthew Licht, a … Continue reading

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A plea for David (and me)

I’ve just had a rather ungratifying experience. Checking up on online sales of Little Monsters (a vacuum activity familiar to anyone who’s ever published anything, most often carried out when more important things need to be done), I noticed that … Continue reading

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Small unsexy boxes

I’ve decided to moderate all comments made. This isn’t because I dislike obscenity, sacrilege or political disagreement. On the contrary. But I don’t intend to clear my posts of dozens and dozens of small empty boxes interspersed with the occasional … Continue reading

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Once upon a time and a very good time it was

Over at Eratosphere, Tim Love has kicked off a fascinating discussion on child narrators in adult fiction. As part of his thoughtful and stimulating introduction, he’s quoted from interviews conducted during the Cyclone tours that Elizabeth Baines and I completed … Continue reading

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If it walks like a duck

If you’re a fan of Ben Goldacre but don’t have the new paperback edition of Bad Science, you can still read his chapter on vitamin pill quack and Aids charlatan, Matthias Rath, by clicking here. Believe me, it’ll be time … Continue reading

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It’s all in the name

Brilliantly spotted – and titled – by Jane in Stoke Newington (and I hope we’re not trespassing on Ms Baroque territory, particularly as it’s her birthday today!).

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Have you been paying attention to the widget on the right?

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