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Tiny Deaths by Robert Shearman

What a powerful and wonderful book this is. In deliberately toned-down and undemonstrative prose, Shearman takes the lives of average people, suburbanites, office-workers, the patiently married, the mildly disappointed, and, with one single fundamental shift of perspective (for want of … Continue reading

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Some weeks before Christmas, well past the watershed, RAI2, one of the Italian state TV channels, showed Brokeback Mountain. Well, actually, it didn’t. It showed a version of Brokeback Mountain shorn of its moments of intimacy. Brokeback Mountain without intimacy is another … Continue reading

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A very interesting review of The Scent of Cinnamon, by literary blogger and novelist, the Gay Recluse (aka Matthew Gallaway), compares me with Keith Banner, a favourite of mine as regular readers of this blog will know, but someone whose work … Continue reading

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I’d like to welcome a new online literary journal, entitled 21. Produced by Edge Hill University, it describes itself as : “a peer-reviewed, online critical journal exploring contemporary and innovative fiction. We are interested in cutting edge fiction from the … Continue reading

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What Lawrence might have called a pansy

You can find the first poem of mine to be published  in the last few years – by anyone other than me, that is – on Fiona Robyn’s endlessly delightful site, a handful of stones. Thank you, Fiona, for rescuing me from … Continue reading

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C’est si bon of the great television moments of my childhood was watching Eartha Kitt being carried onto the stage of the London Palladium, slinkily curled up on a leopardskin-clad chaise longue borne on the shoulders of muscular men in loincloths, to … Continue reading

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Ratzinger’s festive message was unusually spirited this year. It’s good to know that old age and too many tennis lessons with the lovely Georg haven’t robbed the old trooper of his sense of humour. In a costume that Widow Twanky … Continue reading

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Today Scott Pack’s top 10, tomorrow the world

After reviewing Little Monsters earlier this year and hosting my Something Rich and Strange virtual book tour a few weeks ago, Scott Pack has included The Scent of Cinnamon on his list of top ten books in 2008. You’re a … Continue reading

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Animal planet

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