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"a sense today"

An illuminating post from Lally’s Alley, with extracts from work by Nathan Kernan and Bill Corbett that do exactly what extracts should do: make you want to read the rest. The title to this post comes from one of them.

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The best way to confirm that translation isn’t just shifting sense from one word to another but wrestling with, and reflecting, cultures is to take a look at packaging. We’ve just picked up two fabulous new Bialetti pans from our … Continue reading

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Wakey wakey My thanks to Katia and Susanna for this. I don’t know who did it. If you do, let me know.

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Orwell blogs

George Orwell’s diaries are about to be posted, exactly seventy years after they were written, in blog form, starting in August. My thanks to Maud Newton for pointing me to the site.

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Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain: Wuthering Heights you’ve never heard these people , as I hadn’t before today, go straight to Youtube – and I mean this very minute – and see what else they’ve done. They’re fantastic. And if you have heard them, why didn’t … Continue reading

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Rule of thump

A misprint I came across in a report I’m editing today, about banana cultivation in atoll islands. It’s talking about how often banana plants should be fed with organic matter and suggests once a month as a rule of thump. … Continue reading

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"Alight with interest"

A lovely – and loving – essay by Julian Barnes on Penelope Fitzgerald in today’s Guardian. It’s fascinating to see how casually she was treated by the literary world, as though she were the writing equivalent of Grandma Moses rather … Continue reading

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Italian finger politics

Never one to miss a trick, Ryanair has recycled a photo of Northern League leader and Senator Umberto Bossi taken last weekend. His elegantly raised finger was directed then at the national anthem and the notion of Italian unity, something … Continue reading

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His Life as the Beast

This is probably the only form in which my collected poems will ever see publication, so enjoy them while you can.

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Word cloud

Call me a copycat, but after seeing one of these on Baroque in Hackney and The Truth About Lies, I couldn’t resist. This is the word cloud, made by Wordle, for The Scent of Cinnamon: And this is the word … Continue reading

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