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A treat I didn’t expect is to be able to use this blog to refer you to other blogs featuring me, in this case the brand-new Picador blog. This is so onanistic I’m almost too ashamed to give you the … Continue reading

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I’ve noticed that many of my labels (the little words at the bottom of each post – I know you knew, but still…) have only been used once. This seems a very uneconomical practice, so I thought I’d try to … Continue reading

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Toilet paper poll

I suppose I could plead, as disappointed statisticians so often do, that the sample is too small to be significant (and if you didn’t vote, shame on you!). But that would be lily-livered of me, so I’ll just have to … Continue reading

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Well said!

Sometimes you read a response to idiocy that is so complete, so elegant, so conclusive that it makes your heart sing. Well, my heart sang out loud when I came across this comment to a post by a religious nutter … Continue reading

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The Cusp of Something

“Jai Clare’s stories are filled with the disaffected, those who kick against their everyday lives, who crave the mystic when seeking their spirituality, and who are desperate to be alone as much as they are desperate to be with someone. … Continue reading

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Nirvana: Smells like Teen Spirit

I love this song and I love this version of it. So there. Maybe it’s the cheerleaders.

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If you’d like to have a T-shirt with this written on it – and who wouldn’t? – click here. Another classic from Threadless T-Shirts.

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Knock, knock, who’s there?

Never heard of Sylvia Browne? I hadn’t either before I read this article by Jon Ronson in today’s Guardian Unlimited. Apparently, she’s the most famous psychic in the United States. If you’d like to ask her a question about, say, … Continue reading

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Back to red (sorry, Amy)

Julian Schnabel was interviewed last night on Italian TV. The programme’s called Invasioni Barbariche, so it may have been a policy decision to appear so distracted – in the ironic 1960s rock-star sense of really being, like, somewhere else, man … Continue reading

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Whatever can be said, can be

Glancing at recent keyword activity (instead of doing something profitable with my time) I see that someone from the United Kingdom has reached my blog this morning by typing into Google the following: men nakid holding each others winky and … Continue reading

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