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Acts of Kindness

Some time ago I wrote a piece on this blog about my encounter many years ago with the poet, critic, patron and all-round literary marvel, Jonathan Williams, who had recently died. A slightly revised – and retitled – version of … Continue reading

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Property, intellectual

I just came across this extraordinary document by the son of the poet, Louis Zukofsky. What a piece of shit he appears to be, though there’s something almost admirable about his determination to present himself in the worst light possible. … Continue reading

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Suddenly everything is clear… It’s all one excellent adventure.


The power of prayer

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What a difference eight years can make

I saw two old films on TV this week: Midnight Cowboy (1969) and Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), both of them for probably the first time since they came out. It’s salutary to think that the old films … Continue reading

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Filth three

A very brief addendum to yesterday’s addendum (I hope you’re keeping up). I’m sorry to see that 8 million people ignored my advice and watched Nick Griffin on Question Time. Spineless as ever, I also watched an excerpt, but on … Continue reading

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Filth two

An addendum to yesterday’s post about the holocaust denier who teaches at Rome’s La Sapienza university. There’s been a bit of a kerfuffle about it as a result of the Repubblica article, with the Dean threatening suspension and the ricercatore … Continue reading

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There’s a piece in today’s Repubblica about a holocaust denier. These people aren’t really worth the effort it takes to denounce them (and if you’re in the UK this evening, just don’t watch Nick Griffin on Question Time – he … Continue reading

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They know no shame

As you may already know, Berlusconi brought down the Prodi government a couple of years ago by purchasing the support, if not affection (i.e. they fucked but refused to kiss), of several senators. One of the first to slide his … Continue reading

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