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Author Blog Awards

I’d like to thank whoever nominated me for the Author Blog Awards. I’m not sure how this works but it looks as though you can vote for me, raising my profile and readership to new heights. There are quite a … Continue reading

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The finest dead

Well, what an unsettling experience. Our last afternoon in Palermo and we found ourselves up near the Capuchin monastery, the one whose catacombs are filled with the dried and mummified remains of some of Palermo’s most important citizens. Originally, the … Continue reading

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Soft-selling Scent of Cinnamon

I suppose it’s just possible that one or two of you out there might not already own a copy of The Scent of Cinnamon and Other Stories. It’s all right, I don’t want to know your names. All I want … Continue reading

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dsh, or seduction in lower case

I’ve been shamefully absent from this blog recently, but, in partial recompense, here’s the chance to read a piece I wrote for the first number of the resurrected Cambridge Literary Review about my memories of the concrete poet and Benedictine … Continue reading

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Curtains on Wordle

Curtains is a new story. This is what it looks like on Wordle. I love Wordle.

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Local news

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One of the many odd notions peculiar to the religious mindset is that pain is a good thing. This isn’t the same as masochism, which allows that pain is fun, a source of gratification, etc. but does not, I think, … Continue reading

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