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Me again

Another self-promoting post, I’m afraid. Here’s a two-page glimpse of the first number of the new Cambridge Literary Review, which not only contains this poem, written in 1973, but also a memoir of my meeting with the concrete poet Dom … Continue reading

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Link 7

East of the Web and Wordia have collaborated on a new project. It’s called Link 7 and this is what East of the Web has to say about it: In partnership with Wordia, the video dictionary, East of the Web … Continue reading

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Sniff, sniff

First item on the lunchtime news programme on RAI 1 today was a hurriedly organised photo opportunity for Berlusconi and Benedict 16 at Rome’s second airport. B16 said it was a ‘joy’ to see Berlusconi, who responded with a cheesy … Continue reading

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Noblesse gets nobbled

I wrote a short post almost two years about Italy’s ex-Royals, Vittorio Emanuele di Savoia and his appalling family, when the whole ungrateful gang decided to sue the Italian state to the tune of €260 million (plus interest) for the … Continue reading

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Mind your language

Productive dialogue is relatively easy among equals, perhaps because it’s supported by a kind of openness that occurs when no one feels under threat and when the basic aim of the dialogue – greater understanding, a solution amenable to all … Continue reading

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Now I know how to deal with negative reviews. I just need to find the kids…

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Jobs for the boy

Remember him? That’s right, it’s young Renzo Bossi, son of Umberto “Bingo Bongo” Bossi, currently minister in Papi Berlusconi’s cabinet, may god preserve us. Daddy’s in charge of reform, something that’s sadly needed in the semi-free state of Italy, though … Continue reading

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Busy on Friday?

There’s a long post to be written about Fondi and the Mafia, so long that I haven’t time to do it today. But I’ll find the time, I hope, before Friday when the town will be host to a national … Continue reading

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Now is the time to cover your face

To what appears to be general indifference, the press room in Rome city hall has just been dedicated to Oriana Fallaci, the Italian journalist who died three years ago in Florence after having spent many years in the States. Those … Continue reading

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Shut yo’ mouth, Part Three

Last Tuesday evening, prime time television on the main state channel (RAI 1) was devoted to Silvio Berlusconi,as regular readers of this blog will know. Alternatives to Berlusconi – with the exception of football on Sky – were cancelled or … Continue reading

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