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I’ve been tagged with the same task by two people, which suggests that the growth of a meme may not be exponential at all, but whatever the opposite of exponential is. In other words, the circle might get smaller and … Continue reading

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Ouch! I’ve been tagged, twice (and I’ll be getting to yours, Simon, but you’ll have to admit that this one is, well, less demanding). This post is a response to Elizabeth Baines’ tag from a few days ago. These are … Continue reading

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Who am I?

I’ve just left a couple of comments on two fascinating posts by Baroque in Hackney and I noticed that the Snapshots thingummy on WordPress (which pops up when you stroke a commenter’s name with your mouse) provides not only a … Continue reading

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Latest sighting of Little Monsters

On a more cheerful note than the one struck by the previous post, here’s a photograph from Foyle’s, Charing Cross, London, UK (Europe, the World, the Solar System, the Universe… Remember?). Little Monsters is now a highlight! And just look … Continue reading

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Roman salute

I don’t live in Rome any more and many of the years I did spend in the city it was ruled by a series of insipid Christian Democrats, their names forgotten, more interested in nest-feathering than the fate of Caput … Continue reading

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Fly me

After a long weekend of dreadful excess – due partly to the celebration of Italy’s liberation (from itself and its unwise choices), celebrated each year on 25 April by precisely one third of the population, partly to the fact that … Continue reading

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The Last Shadow Puppets: My Mistakes Were Made For You

This is very exciting. Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys teams up with Miles Kane of the Rascals. They’ve called themselves The Last Shadow Puppets and made an album – The Art of the Understatement – which, judging from this … Continue reading

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Found it!

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Memento mori

Steve Bell gets it right, as usual. I wanted to post this next to Tom Raworth’s wonderful take on the Hirst skull, but I can’t find it anywhere. Perhaps someone can help. (Tom?) It’s going to be the season of … Continue reading

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No one seems to know who did this. Just as long as they keep their hands off Cellini’s Perseus, seen below from the front and behind – gloriously, almost fetishistically lit, so that he looks like one of those body-buffed … Continue reading

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