Any Human Face

My second novel, entitled Any Human Face and set in contemporary Rome, was published by Picador in May 2010. Part thriller, part love story, the novel describes what happens when Andrew Caruso, a middle-aged bookseller, decides to put on an exhibition of old photographs from what appear to be police files, found among the possessions of his dead ex-lover, Michel. Caruso finds himself in a world where kidnap, subterfuge and even murder are the norm; a world of criminal intrigue in which no one is safe, or above suspicion. The Guardian called the novel ‘a sophisticated literary thriller’ full of ‘atmosphere and psychological insight’. For the Daily Telegraph, Any Human Face is ‘a slow-burning, beautifully written crime story that brings to life the Rome that tourists don’t see – luckily for them.’ The paperback edition came out in November 2011.

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