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This is a homage to Christopher Smart and to his “Cat Jeoffry/For he is the servant of the Living God”. Click on the image to embiggen.

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What’s civil about this?

The government is still arguing about exactly what to do with all these people who just don’t want to get married and breed. And not only the government. The Italian president, ex-communist Giorgio Napolitano, threw in his tuppenny-hapenny worth a … Continue reading

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Tiny bitter-sweet unions

This sign has been put up at the entrance to the Jewish quarter of Fondi, where I live, as part of a council drive to attract international tourism to the town. The missing word in line three of the English … Continue reading

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The last time I saw Richard

…was Rome in 1984. He’d recycled himself as a tout for study holidays in England, with a windowless office in the basement of a travel agency near the station and a Battle of Britain style moustache (or maybe he’d always … Continue reading

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Richard on the run

I was on holiday in Amalfi with friends, over twenty years ago now. We’d taken the ferry to Capri for the day and were walking across the Piazzetta when I heard someone call my name. Richard was sitting alone at … Continue reading

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Thank you, Jane!

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Thinking about Cologne

… made me think about an exhibition at the Ludwig Museum, entitled DC: Naked Drawings, a large white room full of drawings done directly on the walls by a Romanian artist called Dan Perjovschi. It was a great show, graffiti … Continue reading

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