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For Italian speakers, here’s the wonderful Paola Cortellesi casting a wry glance (as they used to say) at the Italian situation, character, political opportunism, and so on. She’s interrupted by the appalling Serena Dandini, but I can’t do anything about … Continue reading

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Sign language

Come on. Stop faffing around. Read this article. Then sign the petition.

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An amusing, if slightly chilling, story from today’s Guardian. The headline? Pilot restrained after ‘talking to God’ on flight to Heathrow. At first I thought the pilot was under the impression that God was actually on the plane with him, … Continue reading

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James on pontiff

In his LRB review of the first two volumes of Henry James’s collected letters (The Complete Letters of Henry James, 1855-72: Volumes I and II edited by Pierre Walker and Greg Zacharias,) Colm Toibin quotes from a letter James sent … Continue reading

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An awful lot of men -old men, obese men, childless men, opinionated men – are talking about abortion in Italy right now. I don’t think it’s any of their business, and I don’t think it’s any of mine.

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I was writing about Berlusconi in a private email (yes, I’m obsessed) and my Google spell-check didn’t recognise him. I clicked to see what alternatives I was offered and found, at the top of the list, wanderlust. So maybe it … Continue reading

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In an interesting article in today’s New York Times about whether the Amazon Kindle is likely or not to be a success (he thinks it is), Randall Stross says: Stephen P. Jobs, the chief executive of Apple, has nothing to … Continue reading

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This was attached to a packet of cocktail umbrellas. Ouch! Ouch!

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Knut goes nuts

There’s an arrestingly titled article in today’s Independent about Knut, the hand-reared polar bear cub in Berlin Zoo. It goes: Knut is a psychopath and will never mate, say experts. The article describes Knut’s antics: On a wet day last … Continue reading

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Sei una merda doesn’t take that much Italian to understand what this nameless Italian senator (National Alliance, i.e. post-fascist) is shouting at another senator, a certain Dottor Cusumano who has just voted for the coalition to which his party belonged until, let’s … Continue reading

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