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Um diddle diddle (Shelly Goldstein)

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Three men, one tree, Fondi

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Snow in Rome

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Arseholes (kangaroo) and princes (not)

Disaster was narrowly averted yesterday evening when Pupo, Pickles and the unknown tenor (see two posts down) came second in the Sanremo song festival. How they did this is anybody’s guess, but foul play certainly shouldn’t be ruled out and … Continue reading

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Shored against ruin

Meet at the Gate, Canongate’s excellent book site, has just posted a short piece I wrote about Ross Leckie’s Punic trilogy: Hannibal, Scipio and Carthage. These are great historical novels and my piece looks at the way the trilogy contrasts … Continue reading

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Pickles returns!

The Sanremo Song Festival started its annual five-day occupation of RAI Uno last night, with the usual mix of old lags and young hopefuls, people with talent and people with friends, songs we’ll be hearing on the radio all summer … Continue reading

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But who will protect us from our protectors?

Guido Bertolaso, the head of civil protection in Italy, looks like turning into the gift that keeps on giving. After being flown to Haiti by Berlusconi to offer his expert advice, he upset Hillary Clinton by calling US aid to … Continue reading

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This illustration appears on one of my favourite blogs, The Age of Uncertainty (where you can see it in a bigger version). I love the way it uses a sort of squiggle to reinforce the depiction of shadow. Steerforth, who … Continue reading

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Lone nuts and first followers Are you a lone nut or a first follower? (From Cynical-C Blog. Thanks.)

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