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Aiming at foot, hitting foot

I’ve heard people say that the Westboro Baptist Church, by revealing the true face of fundamentalist homophobia, is the best thing to happen to the fight for gay equality in years. I suppose this is true in the same way … Continue reading

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A sudden calm

Well, there were moments I thought I might never make it, moments in which the idea of draggging my weary wine-addled braincells across seemingly endless virtual tundra towards the temporary succour of one more virtual oasis (if that isn’t too … Continue reading

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Baa baa black quilt

Italy might have a reputation for being one of the fashion centres of the world, but you wouldn’t think so this winter, with two-thirds of the women and half the men kitted out in the same black quilted synthetic jacket, … Continue reading


Happy birthday, dear blog

I shouldn’t get too sentimental about this, but today is my blog’s second birthday. It’s been an eventful two years for me, with publications and so on, and my blog’s been beside me all the way, making useful suggestions, cheering … Continue reading

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Au revoir? I don’t think so

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Dropping in at Edge Hill

The penultimate leg of my Something Rich and Strange tour can be found at Rob Spence’s blog, Topsyturvydom. Rob, for those of you who don’t know, is a proud Mancunian, a lecturer in English literature at Edge Hill University and, with Ailsa … Continue reading

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One morning, when Pietro Citati woke from troubled dreams…

I’ve written about pretentious windbag Pietro Citati in the past. Enough’s enough, you might think, and I wouldn’t bring him up again if I hadn’t come across this in the back of my copy of the Gordon Burns’ novel, Alma … Continue reading

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Feeling thorny?

Digital cameras and cheap air travel have so much to answer for. If you find this photograph amusing you’re probably reading the wrong blog or having an off day. If you don’t find it amusing but would still like to … Continue reading

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March for Equality

If you’re on Facebook and think that equality matters (these categories don’t, alas, always coincide), you might like to take part in the Online March for Equality. All you need to do is go to this site and choose an … Continue reading

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Isak Dinesen? Yes!

Moira Crone has just reviewed The Scent of Cinnamon at The Short Review, an essential site for anyone who cares about short, or long, fiction. It’s a great review and I’m thrilled, above all because I feel not only that I’ve … Continue reading

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