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I know we’re not supposed to be anthropomorphic (yawn), but I can’t think of any other plant that has so much sheer personality as the saguaro cactus, which populates the hills and desert round here. They do pretty much the … Continue reading

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Five recommended portions a day

Would that be five feet? And what if they’re not quite, er, there? Or just too good to be true?

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First copy

This is me, holding the first copy of Little Monsters to reach me. I’m thrilled, as you can see. Excitement always makes me look as though I’ve just been arrested and then told to smile. I still have the packaging … Continue reading

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Pushing trolley round faith supermarket

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Mother! Oh God, mother! Blood! Blood!

We had to help Scout with this one, which comes from a film whose opening scenes are set in this very city. Scout is a dog.

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The poor dope. He always wanted a pool

Scout is working on a series of scenes from his favourite movies, using whatever prop comes to hand. This one is named after a place that isn’t really that far from where we’ll be in a week’s time.

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Say it with African violets

This is what greeted us yesterday evening at what would have been 7 am in Italy. It was just after 10 pm. Any warmer? (And yes, it is.)Thank you, Rachel.

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… where I am. I’m sitting at a Mexican desk with the sun pouring in to my right. I can see palms from the window, a lemon tree in the neighbour’s garden, reddish roof tiles, blue sky. There may be … Continue reading

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Cranach’s Venus is too saucy for London Underground travellers, according to Transport for London, which has banned its use in an advertisement. This wonderful image, at once demure and enticing, had been chosen to advertise a Royal Academy show devoted … Continue reading

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