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Bagnasco: Shame!

When does a comment become a threat? Apparently, when it’s directed at the head of the Italian Episcopal Council. God’s ferret stepped down a couple of months ago, to be replaced by Archbishop Bagnasco of Genoa. This would be of … Continue reading

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They Might Be Giants: Istanbul

Another great song done by a wonderful band. I’m just feeling so musical… And I love Istanbul.

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Violent Femmes: Gone Daddy Gone

I’ve loved this song ever since I first heard it. I love the Gnarls Barkley version and the almost certainly — though undeservedly — less well known Prozac+ one. But for now let’s enjoy the original.

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Observation vs reasoning

I visited my local police station this morning to report the theft of a credit card. On the wall behind the officer who took my statement was a handwritten aphorism, which went more or less like this: A lot of … Continue reading

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Beckmann and Goethe

La Casa di Goethe, one of Rome’s most attractive and manageable museums, occupies the apartment in Via del Corso 18 that Goethe is believed to have stayed in during his time in Rome. The museum celebrates its tenth anniversary this … Continue reading

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Herman Dune

I’m listening to music today and Popbitch — Thank you, Popbitch — sent me off to this band’s new single , called I wish that I could see you soon. I like the single a lot, but prefer the slightly … Continue reading

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Walk the Line

I saw Walk The Line last night and, by coincidence, came across this video on YouTube today. Is this significant? (Well, of course not, but the video’s sweet, the beard it contains is impressive, and I did enjoy the film, … Continue reading

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Penis fencing

No, not the kind of fencing used to protect our gardens, though that’s an interesting thought, but the sparring kind. This photograph, which shows two Right Whales engaged in the activity, comes from an exhibition dedicated to homosexuality among animals, … Continue reading

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Yeltsin’s inheritance

Once more, from today’s Independent: The state over which Yeltsin presided had installed a democratic political system, albeit one in which powerful sectional interests wielded excessive influence. But, by any economic measure, society as a whole had benefited only marginally, … Continue reading

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145, and counting…

The cover of today’s Independent. In case you can’t read it, the text says: This is Kingsman Alan Jones. He was killed, aged 20, in Iraq this week, just one of the 145 British soldiers who have died in this … Continue reading

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