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War relief

Poached from this blog, which also has an image of what might be called extreme urban fishing. Of course, it’s far more fun if you ask them to take their helmets off first.

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Chocolate Christ gets licked

Tasteful? Well, obviously not. Bannable? Apparently, yes. This statue of a hanging man made entirely out of chocolate and drawing on a familiar religious icon for its inspiration has attracted the ire of something called the Catholic League, a non-elected … Continue reading

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Cat with mug

The other post may have shown the mug in all its beauty, but the cat lost out. Now it’s looking at you. Kid.

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It pays to advertise

I thought I’d go with Google’s offer to give me money in return for space on my blog. Which is why you’ll see a tasteful pale blue rectangle in the top right hand corner whenever you visit me. Naturally, the … Continue reading

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Almost four years ago, Piero Ricca accused Silvio Berlusconi of being a buffoon as the then-PM left a courtroom during one of his many trials for corruption and generally illicit business activities. Ricca, a freelance journalist and the son of … Continue reading

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Mug with cat

Vanessa Gebbie has recently posted some very attractive photos of her new mug. Never knowingly outdone, I photographed one of my own favourite mugs, sadly handleless and relegated to the humbler role of pen-holder. Beside it is a small wooden … Continue reading

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Emergency response

PeaceReporter and Emergency, the humanitarian organization founded by Gino Strada to provide medical care to civilian victims of war, landmines and poverty, have started a petition calling for the release of Rahmatullah Hanefi, head of Emergency’s hospital at Lashkargah. Rahmatullah … Continue reading

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Loved ones

I was reading an LRB review of what appears to be an extremely interesting book by Alice Kuzniar, dealing with the dog-human relationship and called Melancholia’s Dog, and this image, seen in the Guardian round-up of readers’ pictures for 2006, … Continue reading

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Time and money

I have Tom Raworth to thank for leading me to this as well, by Ed Dorn: Beau Coup For the capitalist, time is money(he bets by the hour, lately by the minute)For the artist money is time For more by … Continue reading

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Books and covers

This, from Tom Raworth’s blog, is too good to miss.

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