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Favourite things

One of my favourite artists (and, I admit it, a very good friend) Paola Casalino will be showing some of her work at Taunton Public Library, Taunton, Somerset, from the 1st to the 12th of September. The show’s entitled My … Continue reading

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Shut yo’ mouth, Part Two

Silvio Berlusconi has just taken the extraordinary step of suing Repubblica on the grounds that the ten questions the newspaper has been asking him (click to embiggen above or see here) since the Papi-and-Noemi shit hit the fan last February … Continue reading

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Shut yo’ mouth

Earlier this year Freedom House placed Italy 73rd in its liberty of the press league table, classifying the country as ‘partly free’, a status it shares with Turkey, Burkina Faso and Haiti. This is hardly surprising, given that 80% of … Continue reading

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Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover

A fascinating interview with a great cover designer, and more, on Caustic Cover Critic, one of my favourite blogs: informative, thorughly well-researched and frequently side-splittingly funny. In this case, it’s the former. The artist’s name’s Roxanna Bikadoroff and this wonderful … Continue reading

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Oh my Lord!

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Thinking about death and contrast in Waltham

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I went to the Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol yesterday. I’ve known about the place for years, but the last time I was in Bristol, in autumn 1975, I was looking for a job and don’t remember even considering the notion … Continue reading

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I was party to a fascinating, albeit inadvertent social experiment a couple of evenings ago. We were still in Fondi, floored by the sweltering heat of the past month or so. Even our house, which has yard-thick walls and traditionally … Continue reading

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I’m off on my summer hols tomorrow morning and won’t be back for two whole rain-filled weeks (yes, I’m back in the United Kingdom), so try to keep your expectations low as far as my posting is concerned. This doesn’t … Continue reading

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The right of the strongest

There’s a typically Italian kerfuffle going on here at the moment about the authorisation of Ru486, the pill that induces abortion. It’s used pretty much everywhere in the developed world, but Italy’s taken its time about saying yes, for obvious … Continue reading

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