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Customer care

I was leaving the FAO building in Rome a few days ago when a display of half-price books caught my eye in the international bookshop there, run, I believe, by the Lion Bookshop. The last thing I need is more … Continue reading

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It should be part of the deal

I was going to do a simple post today, celebrating my blog’s third birthday. But I’ve just received an email that I thought I’d share with you instead. It comes from someone who doesn’t sign his (her?) name but shops … Continue reading

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Fear and loathing in Empoli

This sign, which forbids entry to all Chinese who don’t speak Italian, can be found* in the window of a clothes shop in Empoli, near Florence. In an Italy that seems to have woken up and found itself racist and … Continue reading

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Wrap it up

This sculpture, outside the House of Deputies in Madrid, may look like a Christo but it’s just been wrapped to protect it from damage during the works taking place in the square (I imagine). Christo prides himself on the fact … Continue reading

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The case of the haunted scrotum

Want to know more about this? I thought you might. Well, you can find out all any decent-minded person (or, indeed, andrologist) might need to know by clicking here. (Via Boing Boing) By the way, there is no connection between … Continue reading

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The art of public speaking…

…as exemplified by Sarah Palin on Fox News, when asked what she thinks about Obama’s slump in the poll numbers: “Of course they’re sinking. It was just a matter of time before more of that reflection of the people’s uncomfortableness … Continue reading

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Quality gifts from Madrid

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Coming home on the train from Rome last Friday evening, I put on my earphones and then, as I invariably do, fell asleep. When I woke up, half an hour later, the train was somewhere between stations, the lights in … Continue reading

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Touching with intent

This is an extract from the anti-homosexuality bill proposed by the Government of Uganda: You can read the entire disgraceful document here.

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