The View from the Tower

TheViewFromTheTower-72dpiThe View from the Tower is now available for pre-order on Amazon UK and US, and should soon be arriving, I hope, at a bookseller’s near you. (If it isn’t, make a fuss!) It’s always odd, and exciting, to see a book up for sale, with cover and blurb in place, after the usual months of post-contractual waiting (and the years of writing, rewriting, tinkering …). In its very different way, I imagine it must be like seeing the first scan of a child-to-be, and having to decide whether or not one wants to know what sex it is. Although, clearly, that’s not the case with a novel, not even metaphorically; by the time the scan arrives, for better or worse, the decisions have all been made.

Anyway, enough of this. The first review of the novel has just been posted, and it’s a good one. Among other things, it calls the book ‘a literary and psychologically charged murder mystery that slowly cuts deep to the bone’, which seems to me get the feel of it, as I intended it, down to a tee. If anyone else would like to review the book, get in touch with NetGalley.  And for those of you who don’t already know, The View from the Tower, is a prequel to my last novel, Any Human Face (also available, etc., etc…), so if you’d like to catch up with some old acquaintances, this is your chance.

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10 Responses to The View from the Tower

  1. Excellent. Ordering mine from the local bookshop.

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  3. Guy Savage says:

    Charles: I have a review copy from Netgalley but I also have mine on preorder. I’ll be reading it next month.

  4. Best of luck, dear Charles! Get it in the Fao bookshop window! Liz xxx

  5. chillcat says:

    Best of luck with this! Will ask around when in London in December. Also at the American Bookshop in Milan as they are keen to stock new titles. Best, Catherine

  6. Thank you, Catherine. (BTW, I’m halfway through Pelt. I’ll be talking about it here before too long, I hope…!)

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