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It must be the reference to inches

As anyone who follows this blog will know, I’ve received some strange Amazon recommendations in the past. You know, the ones that start: “As someone who has purchased or rated…’ You can see a couple of them here and here. … Continue reading

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A sudden calm

Well, there were moments I thought I might never make it, moments in which the idea of draggging my weary wine-addled braincells across seemingly endless virtual tundra towards the temporary succour of one more virtual oasis (if that isn’t too … Continue reading

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Everything I Have is Blue

I’ve just finished reading the anthology Everything I Have is Blue (helpfully subtitled: Short Fiction by Working-class Men about More-or-less Gay Life). It’s edited by Wendell Ricketts, who also contributes a gripping short story of his own and a final, … Continue reading

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Iran, Jamaica, Vatican, Sudan….

Surprise news from the Holy See. Someone called (Father) Federico Lombardi claims that the Vatican’s refusal to endorse a proposal for the UN that homosexuality be decriminalised, signed by all EU states, presumably including Poland (!), does not mean that … Continue reading

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A vagabond life

This is an act of the purest philanthropy on my part. Read Wendell Ricketts’ blog Una Vita Vagabonda. The philanthropy isn’t directed at Wendell, who is smarter, funnier and a better photographer than I am, and therefore doesn’t need it, … Continue reading

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