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Finally, the news I promised…

I’m a shy type so I’ll let my fabulous agent, Isobel Dixon, say this for me. Here’s her press release: Isobel Dixon of the Blake Friedmann Literary Agency is pleased to announce two new deals with UK publishers for Charles … Continue reading

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Nicholas Mosley: The Hesperides Tree

I first came across Nicholas Mosley‘s work when I read Hopeful Monsters some years ago. I was deeply impressed by the book, not only by its range of intellectual reference, which includes politics, biology, genetics and physics (cue walk-on part for … Continue reading

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Damon Galgut: The Good Doctor

The Man Booker Prize is a mixed blessing. Certainly, from the point of view of someone who writes novels, the publication of the long list is one of those little disappointments that enliven, and embitter, the literary year, providing – … Continue reading

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A seed, a shine, a glow; thoughts on Edwin Morgan

Not so much thoughts, perhaps, as a sort of memory. Edwin Morgan came to read for Blue Room, the poetry society John Wilkinson, Charlie Bulbeck and I ran in Cambridge in the early 1970s. Assiduous readers of this blog will … Continue reading

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Book-loving in Catalonia

No, I’m not dead, in case you were wondering, and I haven’t been resting either, in the Thespian sense or otherwise. As we say here in Italy, when struck by wistful longing, magari (to the latter, obviously: I mean, not … Continue reading

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Writing in Rome

If you’d like to spend a month in Rome this summer, before the weather gets too hot, and want to flex your writing muscles at the same time, you might like to consider signing up for the Summer Institute Creative … Continue reading

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The Fiction Desk interview

A couple of weeks ago I met up with Rob, the man behind one of the most interesting and wide-ranging literary blogs around, The Fiction Desk. We had an excellent lunch and talked about, among other things, writing, publishing strategies, … Continue reading

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Partial but clear-sighted vision

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Each family is unhappy in its own way

Lionel Shriver has written an interesting piece on the way her family reacted to a novel in which they felt they’d been portrayed unjustly. As someone who’s currently working on a story that draws on my parents’ early life together, … Continue reading

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It must be the reference to inches

As anyone who follows this blog will know, I’ve received some strange Amazon recommendations in the past. You know, the ones that start: “As someone who has purchased or rated…’ You can see a couple of them here and here. … Continue reading

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