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If I had a thousand pounds for every time I’ve heard people complain that the use of the word ‘gay’ to describe what these same people tend to refer to as the ‘homosexual life style’ had deprived them of the only … Continue reading

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News from the very dark cave

The region of Emilia-Romagna has recently established that couples, including those with children, (in lay speak, ‘families’) are entitled to welfare provisions whether they’re married or not. This has attracted the anathema of the local befrocked wingnut cardinal, a certain … Continue reading

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Shock horror: Homophobic obscurantist has top job

I discovered an interesting fact about Italy’s National Research Council (CNR) today, thanks to a letter in Repubblica. The CNR is a state-financed public organization that, according to its website, exists “to carry out, promote, spread, transfer and improve research … Continue reading

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Disease is not mass

If you have a scrap of rationality and the merest modicum of scientific knowledge, here’s a video which will make you laugh until you weep. You just have to get to it before the lawyers pull it down. Thank you, … Continue reading

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Strange fruit

Two items in today’s newspapers here that throw an oblique light on each other and on Italian society as a whole. The first is about the decision of the Ku Klux Klan to conduct a recruitment campaign in Italy on … Continue reading

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Masai root juice

If you need help with problems regarding your love life, business activities, personal enemies and sexual equipment (and, let’s face it, who doesn’t?), happen to live in or near Johannesburg and have a spare nine euros in your pocket, this … Continue reading

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Looks like the Dalai Lama got his kids mixed up. The reincarnation of Lama Yeshe has decided he’d rather study film and behave like, well, a normal twenty-four-year-old. You can hardly blame him. According to this article in today’s Guardian, he … Continue reading

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Answers in Genesis?

What on earth did Sweden do to deserve this? Presumably we could find out by visiting the site responsible for this hoarding, placed in a rather colourless corner of, I imagine, the United States. But I don’t think we’ll bother, … Continue reading

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Update from the very dark cave

According to a story in today’s Sun, a woman in Britain who’s been told that her unborn child has one body but two heads – an extreme example of conjoined twins -has decided to go ahead with the pregnancy. She’s … Continue reading

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More of the same old religious shite

It’s barely worth commenting on the fact that the centre-left majority on Rome was yesterday unable to approve either of two motions to grant some sort of legitimacy to civil unions. Neither would have made any difference but, given that … Continue reading

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