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La tua storia mi riguarda

I left my teaching job at Roma 3 University last autumn, after having worked there for almost thirty years. I started at the Faculty of Letters, but was moved to the university’s language centre, attended by students from all the … Continue reading

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Filth two

An addendum to yesterday’s post about the holocaust denier who teaches at Rome’s La Sapienza university. There’s been a bit of a kerfuffle about it as a result of the Repubblica article, with the Dean threatening suspension and the ricercatore … Continue reading

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There’s a piece in today’s Repubblica about a holocaust denier. These people aren’t really worth the effort it takes to denounce them (and if you’re in the UK this evening, just don’t watch Nick Griffin on Question Time – he … Continue reading

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Tengo famiglia (2)

I had occasion to write about nepotism in Rome’s first and largest university, La Sapienza, almost a year ago, when investigations were being conducted into the university’s dean, Renato Guarini, and some confusion about a nine-million-euro tender for an underground … Continue reading

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New docs, old tricks

Medical faculties in Italy held their admission exams today, to decide the fortunate few thousand who’ll be working in the country’s hospitals and surgeries five, ten, fifteen years from now, depending on how long it takes them to butter their … Continue reading

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A variety of salad leaf

This week’s Times Higher Education Supplement has a leader on the appalling treatment meted out to foreign language teachers by Italian universities. I wrote it. Here’s a taste: I became a lettore in 1982, in Rome. The building I worked … Continue reading

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Papal bull part two

Well, would you believe it? Ratzinger’s decided that his presence at La Sapienza would be ‘inopportune’. It’s hardly the first time his cowardice desire to avoid conflict has overruled his spiritual, and political, responsibilities. Less than a month ago, he … Continue reading

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More papal bull

It’s Ratzinger’s week. Not content with assuming the position (see below), he’s stirred up a hornet’s nest at La Sapienza, Rome and Italy’s largest university. Invited to the inauguration of the academic year (which, typically, takes place months after it’s … Continue reading

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Tengo famiglia

La Sapienza in Rome is the largest university in Europe. This isn’t necessarily an advantage: the place is famous for its overcrowded classrooms, Byzantine administration, no-show professors, assistants in de facto charge of courses, massive drop-out rates, er, too many … Continue reading

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Language slaves: update

It’s come to my notice that numerous teachers of foreign languages in Italian universities (yes, lettori), despite having regular full-time contracts, are expected to make up any lessons they may have missed as a result of illness or public holidays. … Continue reading

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