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Layers of meaning

This comes from a rusting metal door a few streets from where I live. I’ve no idea how it got there, though it has a Banksy sort of artiness about it. Zorro and X-Men seem to have been added at … Continue reading

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Flyer found in toilet

Another great find by Jane. A flyer spotted in the Ladies’ Powder Room (honestly) of Beatties department store, Wolverhampton, now, alas, part of the House of Fraser. Those of you who know Beatties will understand how sad this is. I … Continue reading

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Multitasking ad infinitum

As though he didn’t have enough on his hands…(Spotted by Jane on Ridley Road. Nice one, Jane.)

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Machine translation. Don’t you just love it…

If you’ve nothing better to do and speak the language of another country reasonably well, click on its flag in the my widget panel down there to the right and enjoy what happens to all these posts. And then wonder … Continue reading

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This comes from the label of a small jar of a local speciality. The hairs have been removed.

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Fortuitous errors

In the following line from, I think, Letters from Iceland, ‘And the ports have names for the sea’, Auden originally wrote ‘poets’, but preferred the printer’s error and left it as it was. Similarly, in the previous post, I intended … Continue reading

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A man has a contract from the company making the bomber A beam at the airport A man in an airplane approaching a beam at the airport A bug hitting a light bulb A light sky blue area The painting … Continue reading

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When your cavity needs a little filling

The dentist’s chair is often a locus for sexual fantasies but I’ve never seen the notion expressed quite as blatantly as it is in this sign, spotted in Kingsland High Road and snapped by Jane. And if you think the … Continue reading

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Thank you, Jane!

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