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Arseholes (kangaroo) and princes (not)

Disaster was narrowly averted yesterday evening when Pupo, Pickles and the unknown tenor (see two posts down) came second in the Sanremo song festival. How they did this is anybody’s guess, but foul play certainly shouldn’t be ruled out and … Continue reading

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Crossed digits

I’ve spent too much time today trying to get our television in the kitchen to work. Or, to be more precise, trying to get our NEW television in the kitchen to work. Everything was fine until a few months ago. … Continue reading

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Filth three

A very brief addendum to yesterday’s addendum (I hope you’re keeping up). I’m sorry to see that 8 million people ignored my advice and watched Nick Griffin on Question Time. Spineless as ever, I also watched an excerpt, but on … Continue reading

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Information in the free world

My thanks (or should that be thnaks?) for this to Cynical-C Blog. It’s good to know that independent journalism is alive and well and educating its viewers in all corners of the free world. The hint of irony you may … Continue reading

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Shut yo’ mouth

Earlier this year Freedom House placed Italy 73rd in its liberty of the press league table, classifying the country as ‘partly free’, a status it shares with Turkey, Burkina Faso and Haiti. This is hardly surprising, given that 80% of … Continue reading

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RIP Mollie Sugden (and Wendy Richards)

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Some weeks before Christmas, well past the watershed, RAI2, one of the Italian state TV channels, showed Brokeback Mountain. Well, actually, it didn’t. It showed a version of Brokeback Mountain shorn of its moments of intimacy. Brokeback Mountain without intimacy is another … Continue reading

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The line of beauty

I have The Age of Uncertainty to thank for pointing me to this fabulous clip. I wonder how many artists (in Dalì’s case, I use the word advisedly) would be recognised on the equivalent of What’s My Line? today. Damien … Continue reading

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Fly me

After a long weekend of dreadful excess – due partly to the celebration of Italy’s liberation (from itself and its unwise choices), celebrated each year on 25 April by precisely one third of the population, partly to the fact that … Continue reading

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Red bull? Papal bull? Plain bull…

Thanks to the efforts of one humourless Sicilian priest (Father Marco Damanti, if you care), who’s played the blasphemy card and scared Red Bull into compliance, you’ll no longer be able to see this harmless advertisement on Italian television. Never … Continue reading

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