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Link 7

East of the Web and Wordia have collaborated on a new project. It’s called Link 7 and this is what East of the Web has to say about it: In partnership with Wordia, the video dictionary, East of the Web … Continue reading

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One hand clapping

You’ve been waiting for me to post some nasty little comment about the Pope’s fractured wrist, haven’t you? Some spiked gratuitous remark about repetitive strain injury. A snide reference to the lovely Georg, at the holy one’s side. The fact … Continue reading

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Shelf life

The O. Henry Prize Stories 2007 website has been doling out its authors with such parsimony that I was beginning to wonder whether it would ever get to me (and Susan Straight, and Adam Haslett, who may have written my … Continue reading

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Keith Banner: The Smallest People Alive

This is an extraordinary book that finds its truths and lyricism in lives that seem to offer almost nothing. The stories are peopled by the clinically obese, retards, workers in dead-end jobs, the lonely, the handicapped: the smallest people alive. … Continue reading

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The Cusp of Something

“Jai Clare’s stories are filled with the disaffected, those who kick against their everyday lives, who crave the mystic when seeking their spirituality, and who are desperate to be alone as much as they are desperate to be with someone. … Continue reading

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De Groei

You can find the contents page of Vrij Nederland, with a three-line extract from my story The Growing (or De Groei) here (at the top of page two). It’s all double single Dutch to me, but I like the sound … Continue reading

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Chinese whispers

As someone who’s made a (poor) living from academic translation in the past – I now make a poor living from editing my own dear language into UN-speak – I’m deeply impressed by good literary translators. I would never have … Continue reading

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This title is both what it says and the name of a story by a fine short story writer, Maria Donovan, which you can hear on Radio 4 at 3.30 pm on 21 June (i.e. later today). The summer solstice, … Continue reading

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The Crack

A story of mine is posted at East of the Web. If you’d like to read it, you can click above the cover image to the right of this (it’s the picture of the orange cat), or here. I hope … Continue reading

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An Easter Tale

Thirty years ago, I went from Turin to Rome for Easter, with two friends, Charlie and Sue, and Sue’s dog, a boxer called Lucifero. We looked for a room in the centre of Bologna, but nowhere would take Lucifero and … Continue reading

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