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Wrap it up

This sculpture, outside the House of Deputies in Madrid, may look like a Christo but it’s just been wrapped to protect it from damage during the works taking place in the square (I imagine). Christo prides himself on the fact … Continue reading

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Quality gifts from Madrid

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Gallery back

Maybe it’s because I was exhausted and suffering from a bad case of gallery back syndrome by the time I got to the Prado last week, but these two paintings, both by Velásquez, made a big impression on me as … Continue reading

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Holy moly

This may resemble a sacred anatomical relic, like Saint Bartholomew’s foreskin or the toe-clippings of some martyred Roman matron, but it’s actually the central part of a chiropodist’s window display in the Cortes quarter of Madrid. The rest of the … Continue reading

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Decades ago now, I read a short story set in the future, when time travel was so common people chose eras rather than places for their holidays: Tudor Britain rather than the Maldives. The hero, for reasons I don’t remember, … Continue reading

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