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A writer’s life

I just make Facebook friends with fiction writer Viet Dinh and what’s the first thing I do? Steal this cartoon from his excellent blog, that’s what. How do I live with myself?

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There’s an interview with Ishiguro in today’s Guardian, during which the interviewer, Decca Aitkenhead, says: “I wonder if some of his (Ishiguro’s) semantic unease stems from a worry about the popular perception of short stories as not quite “proper” literature.” … Continue reading

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Tiny Deaths by Robert Shearman

What a powerful and wonderful book this is. In deliberately toned-down and undemonstrative prose, Shearman takes the lives of average people, suburbanites, office-workers, the patiently married, the mildly disappointed, and, with one single fundamental shift of perspective (for want of … Continue reading

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French Lesson

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Everything I Have is Blue

I’ve just finished reading the anthology Everything I Have is Blue (helpfully subtitled: Short Fiction by Working-class Men about More-or-less Gay Life). It’s edited by Wendell Ricketts, who also contributes a gripping short story of his own and a final, … Continue reading

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Days in England

What I should be doing now is telling you all about my last week in England, as I promised. And since should is the governess of will, to coin a phrase, that’s exactly what I’ll do. It all started off … Continue reading

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Me, me, me, a whole book of me

Some very good news. The enterprising, innovative and discerning Salt Publishing will be bringing out a collection of my short fiction later this year. The collection will contain a few stories you may have read, plus lots you haven’t (unless … Continue reading

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