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Me again

Another self-promoting post, I’m afraid. Here’s a two-page glimpse of the first number of the new Cambridge Literary Review, which not only contains this poem, written in 1973, but also a memoir of my meeting with the concrete poet Dom … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking about celebrity these past few days. Not the kind that ‘iconises’ and manipulates and destroys, Michael Jackson style; something much smaller, even laughably so, and closer to home. You may have noticed a few posts down that … Continue reading

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Cracking collection

I just want to direct your attention to a great new reader’s review of The Scent of Cinnamon on Amazon UK. It’s by Brummie Reader, and it’s a beauty! Now it’s your turn. Pester, pester, pester.

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big fish small pond

Well, I’m suddenly a big fish in a small pond, specifically the whole of the second page of the very local edition of the local newspaper, Latina Oggi. A journalist called Maria Sole Galeazzi claims – erroneously – to have … Continue reading

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Subliminal advertising

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Reading group? Listen up!

If you’re a member of a reading group, or would like to set one up, or know anyone who’s already a member of a reading group, or think your next-door neighbour may once have belonged to a reading group, or … Continue reading

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Recognise this? Of course you do! It’s the front cover of the paperback edition of Little Monsters. It’s slightly different from the hardback – my name’s now larger and centred (an entirely thrilling development) and Beryl Bainbridge’s generous endorsement has … Continue reading

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