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Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Will Smith… (yawn) PROMOTES HATRED AND VIOLENCE AT GAY PRIDE TORONTO – Anonymous from STOPCanadianHATEGROUP on Vimeo.What is it with these religions? Why can’t they just relax?

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Labels: memory

Too many of my labels have been used once and once only. It’s uneconomical, and slightly sad, so I’ve decided to repeat my earlier bonding exercise, in which I take two otherwise isolated labels and unite them. It’s a little … Continue reading

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Inanity of the body snatchers

Feel like being amused in a scary, flesh-creeping way? That’s right, I’m talking about the Tom Cruise Scientology video. It’s been pulled off Youtube and quite a few sites, but you can still catch it here. (It doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

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