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Shock horror: Homophobic obscurantist has top job

I discovered an interesting fact about Italy’s National Research Council (CNR) today, thanks to a letter in Repubblica. The CNR is a state-financed public organization that, according to its website, exists “to carry out, promote, spread, transfer and improve research … Continue reading

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Music Thanks to Lally’s Alley, who had it from Gene Wright Harris, for pointing me to this.

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The dark side

I’m not sure how much of this, from today’s NYT, I understand, but it certainly feels exciting. Here’s an extract: A concatenation of puzzling results from an alphabet soup of satellites and experiments has led a growing number of astronomers … Continue reading

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From A to B, via C, is just so gay

According to some new research, although I feel I’ve read it all before, gay men and straight women can’t navigate, while lesbian and straight men can. This is due to the relative proportions of the left and right hemispheres of … Continue reading

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Let’s start the year with a fanfare for rationalism. World-class scientists were asked what, if anything, had changed their minds by John Brockman, a New York literary agent and the man behind the site, Edge. All of them confessed, for … Continue reading

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Toilet paper poll

I suppose I could plead, as disappointed statisticians so often do, that the sample is too small to be significant (and if you didn’t vote, shame on you!). But that would be lily-livered of me, so I’ll just have to … Continue reading

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Gay bomb gets Nobel, sort of

This year’s Ig Nobel Prize for Peace has been given to the Air Force Wright Laboratory of Dayton, Ohio, theorisers of a chemical weapon that would make soldiers sexually irresistible to one another (as if they weren’t already). For details … Continue reading

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It must have been quite a week…

Now, let’s see. Monday, light, Tuesday, space. No, wait a minute. Monday, light, Tuesday, the land and the sky and the oceans. Oh hell. (No, that was later.) And all the things that creep on the surface, etc. Wednesday? Thursday? … Continue reading

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