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Moments of pride

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Dancing on the spot

This was taken in Piazza Navona, towards the end of yesterday’s Gay Pride in Rome. I had, as I always have, a very good time indeed. I danced, I sang, I stared, I photographed. My impression was that there were … Continue reading

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Ten percent of population, one day of year. Hmm

Gay Pride comes round once again. Last year, the national event was held in Rome and emotions were running high. Family Day, the church-inspired hate-fest had been and gone shortly before and the mood was one of rebellion and righteous … Continue reading

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Lesser god stuff

Nine days before Gay Pride is supposed to take place in Rome (Saturday, 7 June), the organisers have discovered that the march can no longer end in Piazza San Giovanni, despite authorisation having been granted in April. Why not? Because … Continue reading

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Gianni Alemanno, Rome’s new mayor, as far as I know unasked, has announced that the city will not be supporting Gay Pride 2008 (yes, it’s that time of year again), on the grounds that he doesn’t approve of sexual displays … Continue reading

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The news that Rome Film Festival will be concentrating its efforts on promoting Italian cinema rather than the careers of foreign actors would probably have been greeted with greater enthusiasm if it had come from a liberal mayor. The fact … Continue reading

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Roman salute

I don’t live in Rome any more and many of the years I did spend in the city it was ruled by a series of insipid Christian Democrats, their names forgotten, more interested in nest-feathering than the fate of Caput … Continue reading

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Charlton Heston and, er, Morrissey

Some of Charlton Heston’s reactionary political antics during the last few decades of his life probably warrant one of my Good Riddance posts, but that’s not all there was to the man. This photograph, taken in 1961, shows another, earlier, … Continue reading

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Ratzinger’s campaign against Italy’s newly-formed Partito Democratico (PD) continues apace. Not content with planting his emotionally warped moles (read, self-mortifying Paola Binetti and the other so-called Teodems – though what they understand of theology or democracy is anybody’s guess) into … Continue reading

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The Almost Corner Bookshop

Once upon a time there was a bookshop in Rome called the Corner Bookshop. It still exists, but it’s moved slightly up from the river – wisely, as climatic things go – and is now the Almost Corner Bookshop. It’s … Continue reading

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