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Jam and jewels

The EU is looking into why religious education teachers in Italian schools receive preferential treatment: less rigorous selection (they’re handpicked by the local bishop) and better salaries. Not that they do teach religion, any more than a geography teacher who … Continue reading

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Gagging order

If you’d like to know more about the absurd case of satirist Sabina Guzzanti being prosecuted for “contempt of the pope” and, more generally, the state of freedom of speech in an increasingly myopic Italy, there’s a very useful article … Continue reading

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Dear Editor

I thought I’d write to La Repubblica to point out that the rest of the world (pace the horrified wailing of the Italian media) is actually not that interested in Ratzinger’s failure to show at la Sapienza. On the assumption … Continue reading

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Papal bull part two

Well, would you believe it? Ratzinger’s decided that his presence at La Sapienza would be ‘inopportune’. It’s hardly the first time his cowardice desire to avoid conflict has overruled his spiritual, and political, responsibilities. Less than a month ago, he … Continue reading

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More papal bull

It’s Ratzinger’s week. Not content with assuming the position (see below), he’s stirred up a hornet’s nest at La Sapienza, Rome and Italy’s largest university. Invited to the inauguration of the academic year (which, typically, takes place months after it’s … Continue reading

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Assuming the position

Eggs Benedict celebrated mass yesterday with his back turned to the congregation, something that hasn’t been done since the Second Vatican Council. It might not be that user-friendly in the traditional catholic sense, but hey! it can’t be the first … Continue reading

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I’ve noticed that many of my labels (the little words at the bottom of each post – I know you knew, but still…) have only been used once. This seems a very uneconomical practice, so I thought I’d try to … Continue reading

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Pontifical knickers twisted

Editorialist for La Repubblica and one of Italy’s sharpest journalists, Curzio Maltese, has been looking at the way Italian taxpayers contribute, largely without their direct consent, to the Vatican’s bulging coffers. The money collected by the catholic church each year … Continue reading

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The price of Eggs

I got it wrong in my earlier post. Eggs Benedict’s jaunt with Georg in the Dolomites – because clearly his lakeside retreat at Castel Gandolfo just isn’t sufficiently close to God – isn’t costing the Italian government €40,000 at all. … Continue reading

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The Emperor’s Old/New Clothes

From today’s Independent, by Peter Popham: The magnificent papal wardrobe has been steadily modified since Vatican II. Pope Paul VI symbolically laid his splendid tiara on the altar of St Peter’s at the end of the council; it was sold … Continue reading

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