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A crate for fruit

Update: If anyone thinks this is a gratuitous slur on the Pontifex and his sexual preferences and doesn’t speak Italian, the slur is actually worse than they may have thought. The name of the wholesale fruit and veg dealers on … Continue reading

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Ave fellow thugs

The back in the middle of this picture belongs to someone called Don Giulio Tam. He defines himself as an ‘itinerant Jesuit’ but he’s actually one of the gang of break-away catholic traditionalists, headed by Lefebvre and recently re-admitted to … Continue reading

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One picture…

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Aiming at foot, hitting foot

I’ve heard people say that the Westboro Baptist Church, by revealing the true face of fundamentalist homophobia, is the best thing to happen to the fight for gay equality in years. I suppose this is true in the same way … Continue reading

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Ratzinger’s festive message was unusually spirited this year. It’s good to know that old age and too many tennis lessons with the lovely Georg haven’t robbed the old trooper of his sense of humour. In a costume that Widow Twanky … Continue reading

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Well, it’s good to be reminded once again who really runs Italy. When it emerged that the Treasury was planning to reduce the amount of funding provided by the Italian state to catholic schools, it took no more than a … Continue reading

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Stop press: Luxuria wins IdF

Well, it’s not Obama, but I’m happy to report that Italy’s most famous transgender politician-cum-actor-cum-a-host-of-other-things, Vladimir Luxuria, has just won the Italian version of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, known here as Isola dei Famosi (Island of … Continue reading

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A froggie would a sacking go

The curator of the exhibition in Bolzano that included this admittedly rather unlovely artwork, by Martin Kippenberger, has just had her contract withdrawn. Corinne Diserens, appointed director of the new Museion to give it a touch of international class and … Continue reading

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Croatia. The Mediterranean as it once was?

Thinking of going to Croatia on holiday? Read this piece by Diamond Walid and see if you fit into the rather narrow range of sexual and racial acceptability demanded by Croatian youths on the lookout for victims (you know, the kind … Continue reading

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